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Malibu Chili Cook-Off, Aug 27-30, 2018

Updated: Dec 1, 2018


Story Weave Project*: Participants write messages on to provided rags/old clothing and weave them through a handmade loom. To date, many people have participated. Some spent some time writing their message, and cried as they wove the message into the loom. Others wrote messages to special people or pets they love, or have loved. Some wrote messages to themselves.

Our goal: A permanent installation of the fully woven, handmade collaborative weave in a publicly accessible location


Story Letters Project*: Participants write personal letters to friends or family on provided stationary. This activity reiterates the Story Bus’ slow moving value system, which invites people to take the time to have a meaningful exchange through the process of letter-writing. To date, the Story Bus sent out over 100 letters in two weeks, garnering the response of many, who said the letters were one of the most exciting pieces of unexpected mail they had ever received. Our goal: To send the letters to their recipients (postage provided for letter writers), and to resuscitate/appreciate the undervalued art form of letter writing in the age of technology.


I Was Here: people write messages, names, haikus, pictures, thoughts onto an old picnic table, claiming the space as their own, and letting the world know they were there!

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