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Woolsey Fire- post 1

Dear followers: Our last post was November 7th, two days before the #woolseyfire. Since then (and after safely evacuating and relocating), the Story Bus has been behind the scenes in Malibu collecting stories from all voices affected by the disaster. For many, stories are all that are left to share. Because of this, the Laughing Dog Story Bus will be dedicating much of its time helping to collect and archive these stories for our community’s posterity. If you have a story to share (a photo, poem, song, art piece, words—anything—that represents your #voice in this), please email it along with a short word or two about you and your history/relationship to Malibu. By emailing the Story Bus, you are giving us permission to post and share publicly, so only send what YOU want to share! Email: . Starting with ourselves, we bring you Skye Jacobson, age 13 (and 7/8s). Born and raised in Malibu, California, and goes to Malibu Middle School and @bgcmalibu90265 : When I first saw the smoke from the fire it was freaky. I didn’t know what was gonna happen. Everyone was like sort of freaking out, and it was kind of hard. Today I feel fine, but like earlier it was weird and everyone was stressed. I’m happy where I am now, and I’m kind of excited about where I am now. More, well, not more excited about it here than my home, but I like it. Malibu is my home, and I hope everyone is safe.

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