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Woolsey Fire Stories- part 2

I think, like many others, we assumed we would be back in a day or two. We didn’t take nearly enough, just the bare minimum to get through the next couple of days. My dad is 92 and will never go back to this house, his treasured plants, his lifetime collections. Such a strange feeling for all of us. If things line up, he plans to rebuild. This major project will good for him, keeping his mind busy.

Devon, Tullie and I have relocated to Santa Monica for the time being. Not sure if we will stay here or in a trailer on the land. We sure miss Malibu. We are trying to have a positive attitude, looking at this as an adventure. Once school starts again and we’ve created a new routine I think things will get better. It’s the unknown that’s scary but I know we will get through it. We have our family, our pets, and honestly, a new sense of freedom.


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