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Homeboy Industries Fundraiser

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

Homeboy Industries Fundraising Event in Malibu September 2018


Homeboys Industries ( fundraiser, Sept 21st, 2018:

The Laughing Dog Story Bus held space in the driveway of a Malibu home hosting a book release and fundraiser for Homeboy Industries. While all guests were invited to hang with us, the Story Bus naturally became the spot for the visiting Homeboys to come and rest, share, rehearse their presentations and poetry readings, and just feel at home.

Homeboy veterans, James (left) and Gonzalo share their stories of friendship and hardship together. Gonzalo read and rehearsed his poetry, and tried unsuccessfully to get James to smile for the camera.


 the two children of one of the Homeboy visiting artists spent nearly the entire event at the Story Bus, driving, drawing, and giving their single father a chance to breathe and rehearse for his performance for the guests.

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